Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back to School DIY's!

Hello, today I am here to share the Back to School videos that I have filmed and uploaded onto my YouTube channel. What better way to prepare for your next school year than with easy, cute, and most of all, useful craft projects!(:

1. Customized Notebooks---This super simple craft shows you how to customize your notebooks, a technique that can also be used to customize folders. This is a great way to personalize your school supplies to your taste.

2. Kawaii Magnetic Bookmarks---Are you a bookaholic like me? Maybe you just like collecting bookmarks? DIY bookmarks are adorable, personalize-able, and very useful because us, students, are constantly reading textbooks and novels for English class.

3. Deco Tape Clipboard---I’m a little bit (a lot) obsessed with deco tape :P. Cute tape is so useful to use to personalize your supplies; in this video, I just show how to decorate a clipboard, but you can also decorate pencils, pens, notebooks, folders, staplers, etc.

4. Glitter Clothespins (3 Designs)---Glitterthat’s all you need to know. :)Glitter is another cute and easy way to personalize your supplies! If you like sparkly things, just use some mod podge and glitterfy your notebooks, folders, etc.

5. Notepad---I personally enjoy buying notebooks, but I thought that I’d try to make some myself. This was so simple and very inexpensive because all I used  was paper, cardstock, and glue.

Please go check these Back to School DIY videos out! 
I hope these videos have gotten you pumped up for the new school year. I know I’m excited to use my customized school supplies(:

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Packing for Residential Camp: Other Necessities!

Hi everyone, this is going to be the third post in my “Packing for Residential Camp” series! If you want an introduction and a description about what residential camps are, go to my previous post, in which I explain everything. Today I am going to talk about the rest of the things (toiletries, other supplies, etc) that I’m bringing to camp.
     -desk lamp: My conference requires a lot of work spent outside of the “class”times, so a lamp is a necessity because dorm rooms don’t provide them.
     -books & magazines: Every camp gives their campers some free time to do whatever they want, and you can always read before you go to bed. Reading is just fun and relaxing!
     -laptop mouse: since I'm bringing my laptop
     -wrislet: If I ever don't need to carry around my cross body purse or a tote bag, I will use this to just carry my cell phone and some money.
     -summer hw: I get assigned summer hw, so I'm going to bring some to do during my spare time.
     -makeup bag & skincare
     -flashlight: From previous experience, this came in handy so so many times!
     -nail polish: Great for girl bonding with your new roommates and friends:)
     -towel: DON'T FORGET THIS!! You will need this when  you shower.
     -scissors: These are one of the things that I always forget to bring when I'm traveling, but I end up always needing.
     -water bottles: Dehydration is not a pleasant feeling.
     -hair curling iron & hair spray
     -toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash
     -shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body butter
     -tissue box: This will come in handy very very often!
     -paper cups: I will use then when I brush my teeth and rinse my mouth with mouthwash.
     -hair blowdryer: I'm most likely not going to have time to let my hair dry naturally. Most people forget this, but it really does come to use.
     -hair brush: I almost forgot this last year when I went to camp.

And that is it for the third and last post in this packing series. I will be doing one other blog post about camp.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Packing for Residential Camp: Clothing!

Hi everyone, this is going to be the second post in my “Packing for Residential Camp” series! If you want an introduction and a description about what residential camps are, go to my previous post, in which I explain everything. As a quick summary, I'm going to attend a week long business conference at a university, and I thought it would be fun and helpful to do a series of blog posts about what I’m packing! Today I am going to talk about the clothing that I’m bringing that are essentials for a formal/business casual camp. I’m going to leave out obvious things like undergarments and tops (since everyone has different tops).

     -comfy pajamas: Bring two just in case something happens to one of them. Comfy pajamas are an essential to a good night’s rest. Especially since my conference has a very tight schedule, I want to make sure I’m always comfortable when I’m sleeping.
     -dresses: business and casual; When you just don’t feel like putting an outfit together or can’t think of anything, dresses are perfect because they are so easy to wear. Your outfit is completed with a cardigan and flats.
     -skirts: You can make your outfit formal or casual with just the right top.
     -cardigan: Make an outfit more business-like with a cardigan to cover your shoulders (if you’re wearing a sleeveless top). Cardigans just make everything look more put together.
     -sweatshirt & sweatpants: You just need one of each. Most likely there won’t be many chances you’ll get to wear these, but I guarantee that I will get tired of wearing business clothing during the nights, and change into these comfortable clothing.
      -formal flats: They just make an outfit more formal and put together.
      -dressy sandals: Although sandals are open-toe and not formal at all, I know my business conference makes exceptions for dressy sandals. I don’t always want to be wearing flats that pinch my feet!
      -cheap flip flops: Wear these when you shower! I will be sharing showers with a hall full of girls, so to be sanitary, the conference suggests that we all wear flip flops when we shower. Plus you’ll have a less likely chance of slipping on the slippery floors:P

That’s pretty much it! See you all in my next blog post,


Monday, July 1, 2013

Packing for Residential Camp: Cross Body Bag!

Hi everyone, I'm going to attend a week long business conference at a university, and I thought it would be fun and helpful to do a series of blog posts about what I’m packing, so those who have never been to a residential camp can gain some insight! If you don't know, a residential camp (also known as sleep away camp) is a place where you live at for a certain amount of time and aren’t allowed to go home. It's a different experience, so it’s important to make sure that you have all the things you need.
This first post in my “Packing for Residential Camp” will be about the stuff that I’m carrying in my cross body bag, which I will bring everywhere with me during the business conference. Most likely you will be carrying some sort of a backpack, tote bag, or purse to keep all your essentials with you wherever you go. Since I am attending a formal “camp”, I will be wearing business casual attire all day every day, which consists of the colors: black, white, navy blue. To add a pop of color to my outfits, I am bringing a raspberry colored Steve Madden cross body!

Now onto the things that I will keep in it:
      -cell phone: You NEED a phone for safety if you’re leaving home!
      -wallet: Most camps will provide food to their campers, but this is a just-in-case item. You have to bring your own money if you want to buy souvenirs!
      -glasses & sunglasses: I personally need glasses because I can’t see without them. Sunglasses are also a necessity if you’re going to somewhere sunny.
      -camp schedule & campus map: It’s important to be on schedule and a campus map will prevent you from getting lost.
      -laptop: When you’re away from home, things get misplaced/stolen very easily with so many people around, so if you don’t need a laptop, don’t bring it! I, however, am attending a conference, so I need my laptop to create business plans and presentations.
      -notebook & pencils: Don’t forget to take notes!
      -graphing calculator: Again, if you don’t need this, don’t bring it. I will be doing math and financial related stuff, so I’m just going to bring this.
      -camera: Capture memories!
      -hand sanitizer: Trust me, if you have hand sanitizer, everyone is going to want to be your friend!:P This is a just-in-case thing you want to have for sticky situations, see what I did there?:)
      -earphones: Who knows when you’ll want to listen to music, right?
      -lip balm: No one likes having dried lips.
      -hair ties: Either you or one of your friends are going to need one. It’s hot during the summer (depending on where you are) and sometimes you’ll just want to pull your hair out of your face.
      -bandaids: Walking in flats for long periods of time hurts (A LOT)!!

That’s all that I’m bringing with me in my bag! See you all in my next blog post,


Saturday, June 22, 2013

About Me

Welcome to my blog, Life’s Hidden Gems!

I’m just a high school student (with a whole lot of hobbies), who is using this blog as a platform to share all my interests. Because I am constantly learning and trying new things, this blog will have a little sprinkle of everything. I will be sharing pictures of food that I’ve cooked, places that I’ve traveled to, new beauty products that I’ve tried, reviews of books that I’ve read, and so much more. Life is full of all sorts of hidden gems, and I hope to share some of my adventures on this blog! Thank you for checking this out and I hope you’ll come back soon!