Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Packing for Residential Camp: Clothing!

Hi everyone, this is going to be the second post in my “Packing for Residential Camp” series! If you want an introduction and a description about what residential camps are, go to my previous post, in which I explain everything. As a quick summary, I'm going to attend a week long business conference at a university, and I thought it would be fun and helpful to do a series of blog posts about what I’m packing! Today I am going to talk about the clothing that I’m bringing that are essentials for a formal/business casual camp. I’m going to leave out obvious things like undergarments and tops (since everyone has different tops).

     -comfy pajamas: Bring two just in case something happens to one of them. Comfy pajamas are an essential to a good night’s rest. Especially since my conference has a very tight schedule, I want to make sure I’m always comfortable when I’m sleeping.
     -dresses: business and casual; When you just don’t feel like putting an outfit together or can’t think of anything, dresses are perfect because they are so easy to wear. Your outfit is completed with a cardigan and flats.
     -skirts: You can make your outfit formal or casual with just the right top.
     -cardigan: Make an outfit more business-like with a cardigan to cover your shoulders (if you’re wearing a sleeveless top). Cardigans just make everything look more put together.
     -sweatshirt & sweatpants: You just need one of each. Most likely there won’t be many chances you’ll get to wear these, but I guarantee that I will get tired of wearing business clothing during the nights, and change into these comfortable clothing.
      -formal flats: They just make an outfit more formal and put together.
      -dressy sandals: Although sandals are open-toe and not formal at all, I know my business conference makes exceptions for dressy sandals. I don’t always want to be wearing flats that pinch my feet!
      -cheap flip flops: Wear these when you shower! I will be sharing showers with a hall full of girls, so to be sanitary, the conference suggests that we all wear flip flops when we shower. Plus you’ll have a less likely chance of slipping on the slippery floors:P

That’s pretty much it! See you all in my next blog post,


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