Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Packing for Residential Camp: Other Necessities!

Hi everyone, this is going to be the third post in my “Packing for Residential Camp” series! If you want an introduction and a description about what residential camps are, go to my previous post, in which I explain everything. Today I am going to talk about the rest of the things (toiletries, other supplies, etc) that I’m bringing to camp.
     -desk lamp: My conference requires a lot of work spent outside of the “class”times, so a lamp is a necessity because dorm rooms don’t provide them.
     -books & magazines: Every camp gives their campers some free time to do whatever they want, and you can always read before you go to bed. Reading is just fun and relaxing!
     -laptop mouse: since I'm bringing my laptop
     -wrislet: If I ever don't need to carry around my cross body purse or a tote bag, I will use this to just carry my cell phone and some money.
     -summer hw: I get assigned summer hw, so I'm going to bring some to do during my spare time.
     -makeup bag & skincare
     -flashlight: From previous experience, this came in handy so so many times!
     -nail polish: Great for girl bonding with your new roommates and friends:)
     -towel: DON'T FORGET THIS!! You will need this when  you shower.
     -scissors: These are one of the things that I always forget to bring when I'm traveling, but I end up always needing.
     -water bottles: Dehydration is not a pleasant feeling.
     -hair curling iron & hair spray
     -toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash
     -shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body butter
     -tissue box: This will come in handy very very often!
     -paper cups: I will use then when I brush my teeth and rinse my mouth with mouthwash.
     -hair blowdryer: I'm most likely not going to have time to let my hair dry naturally. Most people forget this, but it really does come to use.
     -hair brush: I almost forgot this last year when I went to camp.

And that is it for the third and last post in this packing series. I will be doing one other blog post about camp.


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