Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back-to-School: Organizational School Supplies!

Back to school supplies shopping is probably one of my favorite things about a new school year, other than taking new classes. Now that I'm a senior, it seems like teachers are more relaxed about what students use to take notes in and keep handouts in, which is great. As long as students stay organized and on top of assignments, teachers really don't care what you use.
The first thing I would say that is a necessity for most classes is a binder. For the past years, I've always used white plain binders, but I thought I'd jazz it up this year and use a pink binder. While I dislike how bulky and heavy binders can be towards the end of a semester, I will be using one to hold all the handouts and graded assignments that teachers pass back.

I use folders to hold my homework and handouts that I need to use often in class, so I have easy access to them. This year I'm using green and red Mead Five Star paper folders. Folders are sturdy, thin, and great for organization.

Notebooks and binder paper are by far the heaviest things in my backpack. I use notebooks for almost all my classes to take notes and do homework. For AP Lit, AP Stats, AP Comp Sci, I'm using one subject notebooks. For AP Psychology, the class requires so much homework note taking and class notes, so I'm using a three subject notebook. And for AP Gov, class notes are just going to  be on binder paper and homework is typed, so I'm not using a notebook.

I love using post it notes and sticky tabs to write comments and mark pages in notebooks, books, and textbooks. If your teacher requires notebook checks, you can use sticky tabs to mark the different sections: class notes, homework notes, etc. In English, post it notes are helpful to keep track of quotes and scenes in a book. In general, you can use sticky tabs to mark pages in textbooks to keep track of what pages should be read.

I believe most schools provide planners, but you can also buy one at various stores. A planner is essential to write homework, appointments, and extracurriculars. If you're really busy like I am, this is a great way to manage your time and not forget anything important that needs to be done.

Colored pens! Loooovee them.(: Yes, I would consider this an organization school supply. When taking notes, color helps you see things more clearly, which helps in the memorization process for a quiz or test. Plus, color is just so fun.

Those are basically all the necessary school supplies that I think everyone should have. If you have any more school necessities, please let me know!

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