Saturday, August 30, 2014

Boston Trip: Quincy Market

Welcome to the second post in my Boston Trip series!(:
Today, I will be talking about the Quincy Market and food (like usual :) ).
Quincy Market is one of the most famous and largest market complexes in U.S. It's a must see Boston tourist spot because of all the history behind it and of course, the shops. It's like one ginormous indoor food court, but instead of a "court", it's basically a large hallway with food vendors lining the sides. There's food to satisfy anyone: Chinese, Thai, Greek, Indian, hamburgers, seafood, ice cream, smoothies, etc. It was so hard to choose what to eat!

The market was completely packed with people and there were long lines, but fortunately, waiting only lasted approximately 5 minutes. If you continue walking along the food court, you'll eventually reach a circular seating area, which is almost always guaranteed to be packed.

My family and I ended up buying smoothies, strawberry banana and berry blast (or something like that:P). I've definitely had better smoothies, but the food in Quincy Market was really yummy!

Lobster mac and cheese! Yummm and a lobster roll (not pictured here) was delicious too! From my experience, anything lobster in Boston is extremely tasty.(:

After eating, we went outside and walked around a shopping complex that surrounded the market. We didn't stay for too long after that because we had other places to go, but that's pretty much my entire experience at the Quincy Market.

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  1. That looks like super fun.:) i really hope I can see Quincy Market one day. the food looks amazing