Sunday, August 17, 2014

Social Media Book Tag!

Hello! I saw this tag on YouTube and thought I'd do it on here just for fun.(:
1. As all you know, because I've probably mentioned this a billion times, I'm so excited for the If I Stay movie. The novel is really unique and a great read.
2. I feel like Cinder was very over-hyped. The plot was interesting, but I couldn't relate to any of the characters. However, I will eventually read the rest of the series because I heard that they get better and better.
3. I read The Hunger Games in 7th grade in 2009 and I really enjoyed it!
4. I think that when I was reading Alienated I was really frustrated with the first half of the book, but the second half was good. Now, I see people raving about this and I don't think it was THAT good.:P
5. This book is soooooo beautiful!
6. If Throne of Glass is turned into a movie, it would be so bad-ass and action packed!
7. My friends know how obsessed I am with this book :D

That's it for this tag! See you in my next post.

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