Monday, September 1, 2014

4 Tips for High Schoolers!

Hey everybody,
Since school has started/is starting/ will start for many people, I thought I'd share my thoughts on high school. I will be sharing 4 tips on how to make the most out of high school and I learned all of the following from experience! Let's get started:

1. People are extremely chill and easy going on everything. If you embarrass yourself, learn to laugh at yourself, pick yourself up, and move on! Four years of high school will be filled with embarrassing moments, but most of them will be forgotten. A presentation gone wrong or a clumsy trip over someone's shoe may seem totally embarrassing in the moment, but nobody will remember what happened the next day at school.

2. Study hard and stay organized. Learn to prioritize and manage your time, both things that I learned from experience. Everyone procrastinates, but try to limit the amount of time you procrastinate. Here is what you have to tell yourself: No matter what I'm going to have to finish this assignment by tomorrow. So I might as well finish this quickly now while I'm still fully awake, rather than wait till 10pm at night when I start to get sleepy. If you ever find yourself bored on the weekend, you could possibly try to get ahead in your classes ( a good idea especially for honors and AP classes). Weekdays are tiring, so if you can be very productive on weekends, you'll get a lot more sleep and time to do other things.

3. Be open! Make new friends and try things you've never tried before. If you've never volunteered  before, why not join a community service club and try? What can you lose?:) Don't take anything too seriously other than academics.

4. Don't be afraid to share your answers and ask questions in class, something that everyone can always improve on. It's scary to raise your hand because there's always the risk of answering a question wrong or other similar situations, but teachers and classmates will appreciate you for speaking out. Other people might be wondering the same things as you, and if you ask the teacher, you have answered their question as well. Teachers like questions because this is how they know you've been paying attention. I personally know when I'm giving a presentation and someone asks me a question, it makes me feel good that someone actually listened to what I was saying.

Those are four things that I think are important to keep in mind during high school. I definitely can improve on a lot of these things and writing this post has been good motivation for me. If you have any tips and advice of your own, please leave them in the comments or write your own blog post and link it, so I can read it!(:

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