Thursday, October 9, 2014

♡Throwback Thursday♡ CHINA Part 2: Food!

Hello everyone and welcome to the second post in my "Throwback Thursday" China series! If you want a short introduction to "Throwback Thursday", click here to read my first post.
This was the ninth time I've been to China and one of my ULTIMATE favorite things about visiting is the DELICIOUS food. I'm such a foodie, so constantly being surrounded by restaurants and cafes is so tempting. And of course, I gave in...many times(:
The first two pictures on the top are from a cream puff store called Beard Papa's, which are located all over the world including the United States. I, however, have never tried a professionally fresh made cream puff before, so I decided to buy one in Shanghai. I bought a classic vanilla puff, which was light and airy. I probably wouldn't ever buy this flavor again because it wasn't satisfying enough for my sweet tooth.

The center picture in the left column is a picture of takoyaki, a ball-shaped Japanese savory snack made of a flour batter with diced octopus,onion, and other seafood. The takoyaki is covered in a brown sauce (I don't know what it is), mayonnaise (which adds a tang), and seaweed powder. Because it's hard to find freshly made takoyaki in the U.S., I took advantage of this stand on the side of the street and had this delicious food two times during my trip. I love the texture, the strong flavor, and the "filling" feeling I get after I eat it. 

The third picture in the left column is chow mein (fried noodles), one of my absolute favorite Chinese food. It's especially authentically delicious in China where it originated.
And lastly, the bottle of red bean milk tea was really refreshing and really yummy.

I went to a dessert cafe w/ really specialized delicacies. Basically all the desserts included ice cream, fruit, fruit syrup/sauce, and some sort of a sweet jelly (top pictures), red bean (bottom left), and aloe seeds (bottom right).They tasted really unique and were very enjoyable to devour.

This teddy bear cafe was decked out in all things bear. The food had paw prints, the chairs were bear shaped, and there were bear decorations all over the building. It was so cute to just sit in there and look around.
That is all for this post and I will see you in the next post!

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