Thursday, October 16, 2014

♡Throwback Thursday♡ CHINA Part 3: Shanghai World Financial Center!

It's Thursday, woo hoo(: Throwback Thursday time! This post will be about my visit to the Shanghai World Financial Center. As an introduction, this EXTREMELY tall building (101 floors) has three observation decks. This first one is the 94th floor of the tower, the second is the 97th floor, and the third (where we spent most time) is the 100th floor. The 100th floor observation deck had a completely see through glass floor, so one can see all the cars and people below on the street. This was my second time going into this tower. Here are just some pictures that I took while I was there:
While I would not like to go again (because the height is way to high for me and I was basically holding onto hand railings the whole time), the Shanghai World Financial Center is worth visiting if you like scenery and photography.

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