Thursday, October 23, 2014

♡Throwback Thursday♡ CHINA Part 4: Walking Around & Shopping!

Hi everyone! One of my favorite things about visiting Shanghai is going to the large shopping malls and visiting streets with rows of small shops and cafes lining the sides. There's just so much cute stuff to see, even if I don't end up buying anything. 
We went to a poop & bathroom themed cafe. Yes, that's right. Like the teddy bear cafe in my second Throwback Thursday post, this entire cafe was covered in bathroom decorations. There was a huge toilet (obviously fake) dangling from the ceiling. Their drinks were served in little toilet mugs.  Their desserts and ice cream was served in little toilet serving dishes. We sat on plush toilet seats. Even though the desserts weren't all that special, it was such a cute experience to be in that cafe.
And that is all for all my Throwback Thursday posts on my China trip during the holiday break 2013-2014. I will look back into past travel photos I've taken and if there are any worth sharing, I will be sure to do more Throwback Thursday posts. As for now, talk to you all in my next post.

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