Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This or That Tag! ♥

Hi! I thought it would be fun to do the This or That Tag, so you can all learn a little bit more about me. I found the original questions for this tag on YouTube, but I took out some of questions that don't apply to me. Basically these questions have two choices and I have to choose one ( a rule that I broke a couple of times:P). So let's just get started! I have bolded all my choices.

Lipgloss or Lipstick          
Eyeliner or Mascara
          Mascara helps me look awake even if I went to sleep at 3 the night before.
Foundation or Concealer
          If I can wear as less makeup as possible, that is what I'll choose!

Long or Short
          Short nails are more functional. Typing, writing, and texting with long nails definitely requires skill.:P
Acrylic or Natural
          Natural! Painting my nails is part of the fun of wearing nail polish. 
Brights or Darks
          Both. Depends on the season.
Flower or No Flower
          I would rather be doing other things than spending an hour painting designs on my nails:P, but I'm all about glitter and sparkles (especially on an accent nail)!

Jeans or Sweat pants
          It depends on where I'm going, but if I'm just at home, of course I'm going to be in sweats.:)
Dresses or Skirts
          Dresses because they're so effortless and convenient. 
Stripes or Plaid
Scarves or Hats
Necklaces or Bracelets
          I don't normally wear jewelry, but I like wearing necklaces much more than bracelets. Because I'm always doing something with my hands (whether it be typing, writing, or playing the piano), jewelry on my hand gets in the way. Hence, why I don't wear rings either.
Heels or Flats
          Depends on the occasion. Love me a little bit of both. 
Saks 5th or Nordstrom          

Curly or Straight
          I like to not try and wear my hair natural most days. But sometimes when I want to look more formal, I like to curl.
Long or Short
          Always loved long hair. 
Up or Down
          Most of the time I have my hair up, but if I'm looking for some change, I keep my hair down.

Rain or Shine
          Currently Cali is in a drought, so when it rains, it's like a miracle. I love the rain and the refreshing scent of nature afterwards, but I also love sunny, bright weather.
Chocolate or Vanilla
          I love chocolate, but not as a flavor of ice cream, cake, doughnut, etc. 
Cake or Pie          Nothing beats a rich, red velvet cake.
East coast or West coast
          Even though I live on the West coast, I've been to the East coast numerous times and loved it there.  I love new experiences, whether it is meeting new people, learning new languages, visiting new places, tasting new food, etc

That is all for this tag!(: That took much longer than I thought, but that was fun. I hope you enjoyed learning more about me.

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