Monday, December 29, 2014

♥Top 5 Favorite Quotes of 2014!♥

The holiday season is the time when I feel the most inspired and spirited, mainly because of the festive decorations and music everywhere. In light of the new year coming soon, I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes that I discovered this year.  (P.S. I discovered all of these quotes from Instagram, so I don't know who originally wrote/said them. But I did design the following edits). I hope you find this post enjoyable to read!(:

Please share some of your favorite quotes of this year! I would love to see.(:

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Book Reviews: Apollyon and Sentinel by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I thought these books couldn’t get any better after the ending of the third book, Diety, but I was really wrong. After I read Apollyon, the fourth book, it became the best Covenant book I read so far. And when I read Sentinel, that fifth and final book was way up there too. Reading the entire Covenant series was a rollercoaster ride full of action and romance. There was suspense with each turn of a page. Mystery and plot twists ensued. Before I got my Amazon package in the mail, I knew I would fly through these last two books and while I’m so glad I did (because they were just a joy to read), it’s bittersweet to know that there will be no more books with Alex and Aiden.
As a major fan of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and Greek mythology in general, I was not disappointed by the mythology in this series. It was all very enjoyable to read, especially because it was written in a logical way.
Armentrout does such a phenomenal job at creating characters that are so extremely realistic, readers just can’t help but connect to them. Alex is such a  fierce, strong, brave, smart, and badass heroine. She really matured throughout all the books and it was great to see her actually think things through before acting (since she was used to acting impulsively). I was so glad to see the situation at the end of third book didn’t end up dragging out too much into the fourth book. I loved seeing Alex and Aiden in action together, which occurred a lot in Apollyon. They communicated really well, which was nice to read. It was wonderful to see how complicated people can be and read about the different sides of all the characters. I felt so invested in all of their lives and it hurt to see anything bad happen to them. It was beautiful to see how the friendships and relationships progressed. Even though not much time has passed between the first and last book in the Covenant series, the characters all developed a lot.
Despite all the seriousness and danger the characters were going through, Armentrout added the perfect sarcastic and funny comments to lighten up the mood, even if it was just for one second. Everything was so good and the novels just kept getting better. They were beautifully written with so many quotable quotes. The ending to the series was beyond perfect. The Covenant series left me with a really happy feeling inside. If I could, I would want to erase this series from my memory and reread it again. Even though that’s not possible, you best believe that I will be rereading these books over and over and over again.

Monday, December 22, 2014

❄10 Ways to Get into the Holiday Spirit!❄

So if you know me well, you know that I've been listening to Christmas music since the end of the summer. I love the holiday season and the festive spirit that comes with it. All the red, green, and glitter in stores brighten up my mood every day! Today I will be sharing some of the things I have done and will be doing during my Christmas break from school. I hope this might inspire you to relax and take a break from the stress that school may bring. :)
1. Putting up & Decorating the Christmas Tree
This year I decorated a fake Christmas tree with the help of my friend. It was definitely a relaxing weekend activity right before finals.

2. Making your House/Room more Festive
I pretty much just added gift ribbon bows everywhere in my room: on the top border of my blinds, one on top of my computer monitor. I draped a metallic red tinsel garland around the frame of my door and added a silver bow to the center. On the stairs, I wrapped a gold, iridescent tinsel garland.

3. Drinking Holiday Beverages
Whether it's a festive beverage from Starbucks or a cup of hot chocolate made from powder, a holiday beverage always manages to warm me up and make me feel good.

4. Christmas Shopping for Friends & Family + Wrapping Gifts
I don't know if it's just me,but shopping for other people and wrapping gifts is very fun and therapeutic.

5. Listening to Christmas Music
In addition to the songs I've written a blog post about around a month ago (click here to see that), I've also been listening to the Ariana Grande cover of Last Christmas, an all time classic. Also if you haven't heard Ariana Grande's new Christmas song, Santa Tell Me, you're missing out on a lot! My Itunes tells me that I've listened to that song around 50 times....Christmas music can really uplift anyone's mood and be a soothing background rhythm when reading, which leads me to

6. Reading a Book while Cozied Up (Tbh, I don't think "cozied" is a word, but I think you all know what I mean, so I'm just going to use it:P )

7. Painting your Nails
I would take a picture, but my nails are extremely chipped right now. Anyways, I'm currently wearing a shiny red polish with tiny raspberry, iridescent glitter on top. I just love sparkles and glitter during the holiday season.

8. Going Ice-Skating
One of my absolute favorite Olympic sports to watch and also one of my favorite activities during the winter season.

9. Baking Delicious Goodies

10. Traveling

Have a wonderful holiday season and break from school.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Book Reviews: Half-Blood, Pure, and Deity by Jennifer L. Armetrout

       Next thing on my To Do list: buy the rest of the Covenant series books (only two full books left D: I don’t want them to end). So insanely good that I want to bookmark every single page and highlite every single funny quote that leaves me laughing out loud. I have realized that I need to slow my reading pace down or else I’m going to be left in a reading slump, like how I was after Allegiant and Ignite Me. :P
       The Convenant series is perfect for fantasy, paranormal, mythology, and romance lovers. These books had more mythology than I expected and it was a nice touch to the story world. It was extremely interesting learning about the history of the world Alex lives in and how traditions have been passed down, as well as contradicted. I often find fantasy books hard to follow along because of unfamiliar terms and new settings, but these books were easy to understand. Armentrout did a wonderful job at describing people, places, and the rules of the society the characters live in.
The relationships in these books are amazing, from romance to friendships. I feel like the main character, Alex, and I have many similarities, which overall adds a realistic and relatable touch to her actions and decisions.  The art to creating a good character is to get readers to become invested in his/her life. And I want to BE Alex. Considering her life is not full of fun and games and is completely fantasy, this is saying a lot because she’s just a sensational character. She definitely has earned a spot in my Favorite Female Protagonists List (which is stored in my head:P), but of course after Tris in Divergent (because everyone knows she’s my ultimate favorite :) ). I am in love with all the characters (especially Aiden<3). The communication between Alex and Aiden is on-point all the time, which is stunning and not often seen in books. Armentrout does a great job at not adding unnecessary, stupid drama. Romance is present, but it is not cheesy, obnoxious, or unreasonable; there’s an enticing mystery to these novels and the romance is just an extra plus to the sinister plot. The relationships and friendships Alex builds with minor characters are so wonderful to read: with Caleb, Olivia, Seth, Lea, Leon, Deacon, Luke. Not to spoil anything, I may not like all the characters I just listed, but Alex is just such a likeable character that it’s impossible to not like at least one moment in the friendships she has formed.
        And before you start thinking that this book is just about the action and romance, you are missing out on a lot of extremely funny, sarcastic remarks. They put the cherry on top of this delicious sundae. I found myself rereading funny sentences and laughing out loud. The humor adds lightheartedness to these novels.
       In addition, Armentrout is fantastically talented at balancing action, romance, grief, and badassery. It has been a long while since I've gotten hooked on a series and fully invested in it, but I know for sure the Covenant series is/will become my new obsession. My suggestion for anyone who is interested in reading this series is to marathon it, because once you start reading, you won’t want to do anything else. If you ever do decide to read this series, please discuss your thoughts with me because I’m more than happy to talk about Alex and Aiden :).