Saturday, December 20, 2014

Book Reviews: Half-Blood, Pure, and Deity by Jennifer L. Armetrout

       Next thing on my To Do list: buy the rest of the Covenant series books (only two full books left D: I don’t want them to end). So insanely good that I want to bookmark every single page and highlite every single funny quote that leaves me laughing out loud. I have realized that I need to slow my reading pace down or else I’m going to be left in a reading slump, like how I was after Allegiant and Ignite Me. :P
       The Convenant series is perfect for fantasy, paranormal, mythology, and romance lovers. These books had more mythology than I expected and it was a nice touch to the story world. It was extremely interesting learning about the history of the world Alex lives in and how traditions have been passed down, as well as contradicted. I often find fantasy books hard to follow along because of unfamiliar terms and new settings, but these books were easy to understand. Armentrout did a wonderful job at describing people, places, and the rules of the society the characters live in.
The relationships in these books are amazing, from romance to friendships. I feel like the main character, Alex, and I have many similarities, which overall adds a realistic and relatable touch to her actions and decisions.  The art to creating a good character is to get readers to become invested in his/her life. And I want to BE Alex. Considering her life is not full of fun and games and is completely fantasy, this is saying a lot because she’s just a sensational character. She definitely has earned a spot in my Favorite Female Protagonists List (which is stored in my head:P), but of course after Tris in Divergent (because everyone knows she’s my ultimate favorite :) ). I am in love with all the characters (especially Aiden<3). The communication between Alex and Aiden is on-point all the time, which is stunning and not often seen in books. Armentrout does a great job at not adding unnecessary, stupid drama. Romance is present, but it is not cheesy, obnoxious, or unreasonable; there’s an enticing mystery to these novels and the romance is just an extra plus to the sinister plot. The relationships and friendships Alex builds with minor characters are so wonderful to read: with Caleb, Olivia, Seth, Lea, Leon, Deacon, Luke. Not to spoil anything, I may not like all the characters I just listed, but Alex is just such a likeable character that it’s impossible to not like at least one moment in the friendships she has formed.
        And before you start thinking that this book is just about the action and romance, you are missing out on a lot of extremely funny, sarcastic remarks. They put the cherry on top of this delicious sundae. I found myself rereading funny sentences and laughing out loud. The humor adds lightheartedness to these novels.
       In addition, Armentrout is fantastically talented at balancing action, romance, grief, and badassery. It has been a long while since I've gotten hooked on a series and fully invested in it, but I know for sure the Covenant series is/will become my new obsession. My suggestion for anyone who is interested in reading this series is to marathon it, because once you start reading, you won’t want to do anything else. If you ever do decide to read this series, please discuss your thoughts with me because I’m more than happy to talk about Alex and Aiden :).

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